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Fall Fashion Inspiration by the Glass

Designers and stylists find inspiration in all manner of everyday items. Since we love to imbibe as much as the next person, we took a look at some popular fall drinks to see how they could be reflected in your wardrobe this season.

Hard Cider

Made from the fermented juice of apples, the deep red-browns and oranges of certain ciders can inspire a multitude of fall looks, like a brown jacket with a dark red shirt.

You can also turn to more unique ciders, like choosing a purple scarf or pocket square to evoke the intensity of a cider with blackcurrant.

Pumpkin Ale

The dark-orange color of a pumpkin ale is the perfect way to add a bold touch to your outfit. An orange tie or trousers gets this done without overdoing it.

Cranberry Margarita

Thanksgiving may be the biggest cranberry day of the year, but rich reds are always in style. Try a red sportcoat and finish with a lime pocket square for some added zest.

Black and Tan

This beer cocktail is all about the layers. A black jacket over a tan sweater is a cool, casual look perfect for a night out.

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