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Winter Shoe Care Tips

Winter is coming, and as our fall selections begin to arrive, we’d like to talk about soul–the sole of your shoes that is.  This fall we want to keep you out of the slush with soles that are stylish, soft, and durable.  Not many of us can protect our feet entirely during the winter, but we can help give your professional look a level of insulation from the cold streets and separation from the slush.

Using a combination of techniques, many of our crepe and rubber soles are resole-able.  This ultra-dense crepe from Bettanin & Venturi is compressed to be stronger, softer, and more resilient than many leather, and especially other crepe, soles.  Even better, it’s fully hand-welted and can be resoled, giving you the perfect winter chukka, oxford,  or loafer for years.


Edward Green, Gravati, Noah Waxman, and Andrea Ventura have all gotten in with beautiful shoes and boots in winter soles.  Especially exciting are these grain uppers: to make the grain finish, top leather is compressed, making a more dense and water repellent upper than a standard calf.  You’ll definitely notice the difference in the next slush puddle you step in.  And if you still aren’t impressed, the grain adds just the right texture to pair with a corduroy or flannel pant!

In a different direction, check out these sneaker bottoms on dress uppers from Santoni.  These shoes can go from office to drinks out flawlessly, and have the added benefit of being some of the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever put on.


Shoe Care Tip for the Messy Months Ahead

Don’t let mud, slush,  or salt from the streets remain on your leathers.  These impossible to avoid evils will quickly discolor, dry, and ultimately crack the uppers of your shoes.  When you get in from the elements, first brush or wipe your shoes with a cloth to remove the first layer.  Then, with shoe trees in the shoes, use a cleaner/conditioner such as Saphir Renovateur to put natural oils back into the leathers, and push the salts back out.  Give the shoes one more brush or rub with a clean cloth, and put them away for next time.

Five minutes of care will undoubtedly extend the longevity of your new shoes from Mr. Sid!

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