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5 Reasons to Love Mr. Sid Royale

Let’s get one thing straight: investing in a tailored suit is always better. Here are a few reasons why:

1. You Will Save Time

Off the rack suits are generic in size and it can take a lot of shopping around in order to find one that fits you decently. Plus, you’ll most likely still need some adjustments, which only adds to the hassle. A tailored suit makes you look and feel more comfortable and confident, and eliminates the frustration of countless shopping outings.

2. It Will Fit Better

There’s a reason for bespoke tailoring’s long history. Buying a made-to-measure suit means it’s created from an existing pattern that is adjusted to match your body measurements. Not only will wearing a made-to-measure suit make people do a double take, it’s also created exactly for your body shape, so it will fit you in all the right places.

3. It’s Actually Affordable

You can get a great made to measure suit or shirt without the hefty price tag with our newest label, Mr. Sid Royale–featuring a totally customized, unique, and proprietary production model.

4. You’ve Got Help

If you’ve never had a suit tailored, it can seem confusing or daunting. Not at Mr.Sid; our master tailors will take your measurements and give advice on customization and styling.

5. You Can Make It Your Own

There are plenty of customizations to choose from – including having your lapel notched, buttons stacked, initials monogrammed, or your pockets slanted. These added details will give more personality to your suit and make it reflective of your own tastes and individuality.

Ready to invest in your own customized, tailored suit? Come see us–we have nearly 50 years of experience in helping men to get an affordable suit, jacket, or shirt that looks as good as it fits.

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