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A Vest-ed Interest


sport coat over Waterville vest

As the mercury dips this weekend, a vest is the perfect layering piece for some extra warmth without added bulk. Vests–sweater, as part of a three-piece suit, or outerwear–are great for transitional weather because they can be easily manipulated by adding or removing pieces. Layering different fabrics, colors, and textures gives your look the perfect amount of style and utility.


This winter the trends are inspired by rugged nostalgia, with an emphasis on craftsmanship, utilitarian details, and traditional menswear. Try pairing this season’s standout classic–the turtleneck, like this one from Luciano Barbera–with an Italian wool suit or quilted vest for an instant dose of style. This classic sweater works well oversized or snug, plain or multicolor, and with heavily marled textures or as a lightweight knit.

Need to break the morning chill on your way to the office? Try an outerwear vest over a sweater or collared shirt. Want to hit the bar after work? Pair a sweater vest with a sport coat and you can debut some of this season’s trends before the first frost. As designers embrace the in-between, the trends this winter prove that once you master texture and layers, you’re prepped for any weather and a vest is the perfect accessory to any cool weather scenario.

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