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Bringing Back the Beard

The beard has been used as a symbol for masculinity for centuries. Back in the 1700s, a full beard was thought to signify virility and male sexual power. The popularity of facial hair declined with the invention of surgical razors in 1770 and to have a face as smooth as marble became the ultimate mark of the man. Beards returned in force throughout the Victorian Era; during this period, they symbolized authority and the God given rights of men. After the First World War, facial hair once again fell out of favor. It appeared as if beards and mustaches had truly run their course.

However, several years ago, enormous beards re-entered the mainstream. Quite inexplicably, they sprouted from the cheeks and the chins of hipsters and professionals alike. The most recent rise of beards, which began several years ago, was most likely triggered when George Clooney, among others, arrived at the 2013 Baftas and Oscars with facial hair. In addition to Clooney, beards can be seen on celebrities such as Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt, and mega-sports stars like the Patriot’s own Rob Ninkovich and soccer’s David Beckham.

No longer reserved for cold weather, Spring–a time of fresh, new beginnings–is the perfect time to join the bearded masses. Chivalry at Mr. Sid will show you and your beard some TLC to keep you looking sharp and on trend.

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