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A Square Revival


Nobody likes a naked suit. Just as you change your tie for an occasion, a pocket square can give your suits and sportcoats a fresh look. Color-coordinate your pocket square with your tie for a formal look, or fold up a white pocket square for that classic appearance. You can make a statement by varying the points and shape of the fold—your selections include the advanced Dunaway, four-point Cagney and puff fold or the classic flat square. (Your Mr. Sid sales rep can explain and demonstrate these folds too.) Mr. Sid carries an excellent selection of luxurious pocket squares from Isaia, Gitman Bros., Faburiq (which uses fabric from vintage Japanese kimonos), Italo Ferretti and Seaward & Stearn. A suit without a pocket square lacks a certain flair, so don’t miss out on the revival of these decorative additions!

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