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Sid Says


Don Draper’s Shades


You’ve got a fine suit. Your watch is well engineered and reflects your personal style. Your shoes are the perfect fit, stitched in rich leather. Now all that’s missing is the one piece of cool-cat accessorizing that the well-dressed gentleman just can’t do without: the sunglasses.

Since 1972, Randolph Engineering has been turning out top-quality shades from the beginning—initially for the government and later for the general public. The craftsmanship and design of these sunglasses made them coveted eyewear for the discerning and stylish man.

The sunglasses are still manufactured using the machinery and tooling created by Randolph’s founders, keeping their American heritage alive and well. Hey, if they’re good enough to be worn by Don Draper, then they’re good enough for Mr. Sid—and you. Stop in and try on a pair of Randolph sunglasses today.

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