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Best Ways to Look and Stay Cool as Summer Wraps Up

Summer may be drawing to a close, but it’s not time to break out the cashmere just yet. These top wardrobe choices will have you looking crisp and feeling comfortable during the dog days of summer.


The lightweight natural fabric has long been used for everything one wears in hot weather—shirts, pants, sportcoats, neckties. Don’t mind the wrinkles; they’re part of linen’s charm.

The summer blazer


Lighten up, son. Today’s coolest jackets are unlined and unstructured, often made from a cooling fabric blend such as cashmere and silk, and rendered in a pale color that reflects sunlight.



Fact: The right polarized shades make you look sexier and more mysterious. They also let you see the world in glorious Technicolor and help protect your eyes against harmful ultraviolent rays. Pick up an extra pair or two.

Swim trunks


Today’s look is not too short, not too long and definitely not too baggy. Trim and tailored in appearance, these trunks look enough like pants that you can stray far from poolside in the pursuit of your final summer fun.



Yes, you can wear an untucked T-shirt with shorts or jeans and still look like a cultured man of means (just keep that well-worn Rolling Stones concert T-shirt from 2005 in the drawer). Related thought: Wear a V-neck T-shirt under your dress shirt to keep it dry.


In addition to the pocket square you wear in your breast pocket (which, to paraphrase Fagin in Oliver!, is just for showin’, not for blowin’), carry a plain white handkerchief in your pants pocket. Use it to dry your brow, taking literally the advice, “Never let them see you sweat.”

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