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Demystifying the Design & Build Process

Building or remodeling? Think Cutting Edge! Discover Cutting Edge Homes, an award-winning, all-inclusive boutique firm that prides itself on a unique client-driven approach with an obligation to excellence.

Extensive market research by Cutting Edge Homes Architects + Builders found that many people hold back from home renovations because they simply don’t know where to begin. Many are also afraid the project will take much longer and be far more expensive than initially estimated. Finding solutions for these and other real concerns has allowed Cutting Edge Homes to become one of the leading architects and builders in New England.

To demystify the renovation process, Cutting Edge Homes has launched a series of one-minute videos entitled “7 Keys to a Successful Design/Build Process” featuring the firm’s president, Sean Cutting. Visit their YouTube channel at to watch the entire series.

To learn more, visit or call Sean Cutting at 508.435.1280 to start the conversation about your project.

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