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How to Pull Off Bold Socks


Don’t let socks become the afterthought of your ensemble. Rocking a patterned sock is one of our favorite gambles in modern fashion.

Sure, you have nothing to lose by playing it safe and picking socks that match your pants. But pulling on a brightly patterned pair can bring your look to a whole different level. The key is balance.

It can be tempting to show off a daring pair, but avoid making socks the focus. Instead, think of them as a garnish and thoughtfully work them into your ensemble.

A term we like to use is ‘echoing’—where a color from the torso reappears a shade or two lighter around the ankles. If you have a pair of socks with an echoed color, plus a stripe of contrasting hue, even better.

Consider how to harmonize trousers, socks and shoes. Purple socks with grey trousers and black footwear is a new classic combo, and the right pink socks with a pair of brown brogues and khaki trousers will make everything pop. Switching out the pink for a rich blue shows how a simple color change can shift the feel of things.

When it comes to patterns have a little fun, but don’t overload your look. A striped sock with dark denim and canvas sneakers is smart but leisurely, while an argyle sock with a corduroy pant produces some fun vertical/diagonal interplay.

Once you’re feeling extra confident in your sock game, you may even want to add some large polka dots to the mix. One of our favorite patterns, however, is the ‘pinprick’ polka dot. Like a pointillist piece, it offers a great balance between color and texture.

Some of our favorite patterns and palettes come courtesy of Pantherella, Marcoliani and Bresciani, brands we’re proud to carry here at Mr. Sid. We’re happy to help you find a pair of socks to enliven your ensemble, whether it’s the one you’re wearing when you walk in or the one you’re shopping for.

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