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9 Reasons Your Workout Wear Sucks


Most men’s workout wear, even so-called premium activewear, is generic, under-performing and wears out too quickly—a sad state of affairs that led four guys from Connecticut, including an NCAA lacrosse player and a former NFL exec, to found Rhone Apparel.

Here are 9 ways Rhone is better than what you’re now wearing:

  1. Rhone’s main source of instant fame is its use of premium fabrics that include silver thread, which imparts permanent antimicrobial and anti-odor protection.
  2. Superior materials make Rhone garments last longer.
  3. Mesh panels are strategically placed for ventilation.
  4. Silicone gel coats drawstrings for better function. Brilliant!
  5. A specialized media pocket protects your phone from sweat.
  6. Shorts have a thick, tall, padded waistband. Comfortable? Totally. Drooping? Denied!
  7. Flatlock stitching prevents chafing.
  8. Polartec Power Dry construction wicks moisture fast.
  9. Inspirational messages are stitched right in. Sample: “What we do in life echoes in eternity.” Right on, Rhone.

Now run, don’t walk, to Mr. Sid and stock up on Rhone basics.

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