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10 Ways to Refresh your Wardrobe for Spring

Fed up with winter’s bulky wardrobe? Desperate to cast aside the thick socks, chunky boots, heavy knits, and heavier coats that have sustained you through the past five months? Us too. With Spring around the corner, it’s out with the old, in with the new as we review the 10 items we most look forward to retiring, and the 10 that will take their place.

1. Flannel to Lightweight Wool

Despite the rumpled elegance of a grey flannel suit, we’ve reached that point in the year when we’re happy to ditch it in favor of a more breathable mohair.

2. Boots to Boat Shoes

It’s time to give those Edward Green boots a much-needed clean, and put them away until the leaves start changing again. In their place, try going sock-free in boat shoes.

3. Pants to Shorts

Most of us have been enjoying the comfort of pants over these cold several months, either as weekend wear or on casual Fridays. Once spring has finally sprung, we suggest donning some colorfully comfortable Bermuda shorts. PT01 has some particularly spring-like colors (with embroidered sailboats we might add) available in both chinos and shorts this season. 

4. Wool Tie to Silk Tie

Come spring, anyone who wears a wool or cashmere tie during the winter will want to find comparable texture and attitude, but in lighter fabrics. Lighten your look with a supple silk tie–slubbed or smooth–and you’ll be ready to enjoy the fresh air.

10 ways to refresh silk tie.jpg

5. Scarf to Sunglasses

It goes without saying that the cashmere scarf that kept the bitter winds of winter from chilling you to the bone will soon be redundant. Protect your eyes while looking stylish this summer in some classic aviator sunglasses from Randolph Engineering.

10 ways refresh sunglasses.jpg

6. Cashmere Sweater to Linen

How could we get through winter without a heavyweight cardigan? The combination of warmth and softness means that these knits sustain us through the worst weather and the darkest days. This spring, we’re looking forward to enjoying the barely-there feel of gauzy linen sweaters. Try it with loose, drawstring trousers or with faded jeans.

7. Tweed Jacket to Linen Blazer

In Scotland, sports jackets are worn all year round, but men in warmer climes will soon reach a point when their Harris or Donegal tweeds begin to feel less insulating and more stifling. While dark linen jackets are work-appropriate in almost all offices, it’s light-coloured ones that really speak of the pleasures of warm weather. This blazer is unstructured both for the sake of comfort and coolness, and its casual feel means it works well with a thin crewneck and chinos.

8. Chunky Shoes to Loafers

Rain, ice and snow are the enemies of good leather shoes and will quickly penetrate any pair that lack both a chunky commando sole and a watertight Norwegian welt. However, while we love a good pair of solid winter shoes, their weight eventually grows tiring. We long for spring days when we can swap pebble-grain leather, storm welts and rubber soles for lightweight Blake construction, soft uppers and thin leather soles. These loafers by Edward Green are made from premium shell cordovan leather for a durable yet light wear experience.

10 ways refresh loafers.jpg

9. Overcoat to Shirt Jacket

The overcoat has been a key outerwear style over the past few months. Whether military inspired or soft, no other coat can rival its elegance. For a more casual warm-weather alternative, we’ll be looking for a cotton or linen jacket to wear this spring, ideally in a summery hue.

10. Jeans to Chinos

From October to March, it’s impossible to imagine life without jeans. However, once the mercury rises past about 70ºF, it’s just as difficult to envisage being comfortable in denim. Which is where soft, washed-cotton trousers come in because they combine the casual appeal of jeans with summer comfort.

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