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Wedding Day Style Tips

Looking and feeling great on your wedding day is more than just a matter of “putting on a suit.” You’ve got to think of cut, colour, size, and style. Classic or modern? Neck tie or bow tie? The sheer amount of options can confuse even the most seasoned shopper.

Luckily, the experts at Mr. Sid have provided an exhaustive list of style recommendations for grooms and groomsmen to wear on the big day.


The first thing you’ll consider when thinking about your wedding day attire is probably suits. Suits are a versatile and traditional choice for many grooms due to its flexibility. However, because suiting varies greatly across designers in terms of quality, fabric, and cost, it is best to work with a reputable business.

For something unique and personal, nothing beats made-to-measure. While made to order suits provide the opportunity for complete customization, you may also want to consider off-the-rack if time is a concern. Of course, one size rarely fits all, so let our trained staff and tailors help you find the best fit for your build.


A modern look for style savvy grooms, opting for separates on your wedding day is a great way to set yourself apart. Start with the blazer and look for a sports coat or jacket you really love, then pair with contrasting pants. Checks, stripes, and clashing or complimentary colours all work well; you can go bold or choose something a little more subtle.


You might think a white shirt is just a white shirt, but it can also make a real statement with different collar styles, cuffs, or color. Don’t leave it until the day of your wedding to try on your shirt, make sure it’s neatly pressed, well fit, and not too see-through. We suggest having a back-up shirt to stay fresh on a hot day.


Whether you’re planning on wearing a suit or a separate blazer, there are a few guidelines to consider before making a decision.

– Think about your vents; if you’d prefer a slimmer look, opt for a ventless jacket, but if you want a greater range of motion, choose double side vents to give you more room.

– Three button jackets look great on taller men, while shorter men should opt for a deeper V in their jacket to elongate their torso.

– Discuss fit/cut with your tailor. Drape Cut works great for sharp, modern grooms, while Continental is a little more classic.


Trousers, like suits and blazers, come in a variety of fabrics and silhouettes. Here we’ve broken down the general “rules” into three suggestions.

– As with blazers, slim fitted slacks are the most current and flattering style. You don’t need a tight skinny fit, but do choose trousers with as little excess fabric as possible.

– While pleated pants offer more room for a larger gent, opting for a flat front trouser is a modern, slimming cut.

– Showing a little ankle is a popular trend right now– but not everyone can pull it off. Generally speaking, your trousers should sit nicely just above your shoes, rather than bunch up around your ankles. Bring the shoes you’re planning to wear to your fitting, to make sure your pants are the correct length. Especially if you’re opting for a cuffed trouser.

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Neck Wear

Ties: When it comes to ties, the options are endless. You can go for silk, wool or tweed, opt for a bright hue, a pin stripe or a coordinating colour to your shirt, your jacket, or even match with the bridesmaid’s gowns.

Bowties: Bowties used to be considered “old fashioned” but now they’re on trend.

After mastering the skill of trying your own bow tie, play with different knots: the Butterfly is the big blousy kind you see most often, the Batwing is neater with straight sides, the Club Round is a retro style, and the Diamond Point is a sharper, more unusual style that’s increasingly stylish.


Waistcoats (or vests) can look great as part of a three piece suit, or as a jacket-alternative for a casual wedding or a hot weather destination. As with the blazer or trousers, you can choose to match your suit, or opt for a contrasting fabric, colour or pattern.

– Your waistcoat should be long enough to cover your shirt at the front and sit just over your belt. It can be a little shorter at the sides and back, showing a little shirt.

– Choose a waistcoat with a smooth fit and a tapered waist, if you need a little more breathing space, open the bottom button of your waistcoat.

– If opting for a three-piece suit, the V of your waistcoat should be small enough so it can be seen under your jacket.


The sky is the limit when it comes to what to wear on your feet for your wedding day, and there aren’t many rules. Let your clothes guide you when choosing a color: keep black shoes for black suits, and brown shoes for navy. Grey suits will go with both, though lighter shades call for a lighter shoe. Pointy toes look cooler and more modern than round and chunky styles, laced up

Avoid cuts, blisters and slipping, and make sure your shoes are broken in and scuffed on the soles BEFORE your wedding day.


Pocket Squares: are an effortless way to add a pop of colour and a stylish finish to your suit. Choose a pattern to match your tie, or a contrasting colour to your handkerchief. The only trick you need to master with your pocket square is how to fold it. Choose a precise Presidential Fold for a sleek sixties look, a Puffed Fold for a flamboyant finish, or a Pointed fold to show off your pocket square expertise.

Cuff Links: are an essential part of formal dressing, and a great opportunity to show off your personality. Choose a traditional style or opt for something vintage with added meaning behind it. Whether you choose something fun and unexpected, simple silver pins, or the brass monogrammed pair passed down from your grandfather, make sure your cuff links reflect you and your style.

Suspenders: if you’d like to add an unexpected twist to your wedding look, forgo the belt in favor of  braces (or suspenders) on your wedding day. Not only do they keep your pants up, they’re elegant and handsome too.

Socks: Socks are a great way to personalize your look. Think about your groomsmen, and come up with something meaningful– whether it’s your favorite football team, your favorite color, or your favorite comic book characters–to collectively showcase. And we probably don’t need to say this, but just in case: NEVER wear white socks, with a black suit.