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Spicing Up Life at the Seaport

While an afternoon shopping at Mr. Sid is, if we do say ourselves, a simply wonderful experience, we do have one recommendation for making your day even better. After your visit with us, stop at the Envoy Hotel next door. What’s there, you ask? None other than a superb and super-hip restaurant, Outlook Kitchen, featuring an up-and-coming celebrity chef. 

That chef is Tatiana Rosana, a two-time Champion Chef on the popular Food Network show Chopped, and her story is as inspired and inspiring as her culinary creations. A first-generation American, she grew up in Miami in a traditional Cuban family.

While Chef Tatiana seemingly was born to be a culinary star, that wasn’t her first career choice. “While I wanted to follow in my father’s medical footsteps,” she says. “I knew I had to follow my heart—and that led me to the kitchen.” And she hasn’t second guessed her decision. “In my dad’s words, ‘You’ll be good at what you put your head into, but you’ll be great at what you put your heart into.’ He was 100 percent correct.”

Her heritage and her passion for the culinary arts led her to a turn this past fall on Chopped, which she says was “one of the hardest and most rewarding experiences of my life.” She squared off with other Cuban-American chefs—the theme of the competition was “Under the Cuban Sun”—and came out on top. 

Back home in Boston, she notes that the Mr. Sid Seaport store and Outlook Kitchen are neighbors helping to heat up a prime location. “The Seaport is booming and we’re on the cusp (if not already) of being the hottest neighborhood in Boston,” Chef Tatiana says.

While Outlook rolls out the welcome mat for all its patrons, Mr. Sid customers are like extended family. When you walk in the door, Chef Tatiana will know who dressed you. “Mr. Sid customers are well-tailored, confident and professional. They can’t be missed,” she says. So take your new, beautifully tailored Mr. Sid suit on over to Outlook to sample Chef Tatiana’s latest masterpieces and top off your perfect day in style. 

Barry Segel