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What not to wear if your over 50

When reading a great article by fashion leader Adrian Clark, we were inspired and reminded of so many conversations we have had recently with our clients. As we all evolve into the next stages of our lives, and simultaneously fashion evolves, it's a struggle to keep up and to know what's right for you.  We updated his great article, for the New England man.

Crossing over into your 50's today no longer limits how people feel and what they do, but there are certain limits to be placed on your wardrobe. Think about investing in quality and timeless clothing.  You're better off buying better than filling a landfill with lower quality clothes and items that have gone out of fashion. Instead, let those items go now, and start looking for better clothing. You can start with printed silk camp shirts (think Tommy Bahama), baseball caps that make you look like you're from The Sandlot, and it's time to stop wearing all those athletic logo t-shirts out.  Keep them for the gym. You're from New England, everyone already knows the Pats and Sox are the BEST, your t-shirt isn't informing them.

Also, it's time for all those over-embellished, too much camo, and too much military influence items to leave the closet.  The combat pants, jackets with a ton of zippers, and generally overdone items no longer look appropriate. Opt instead for soft washed or garment-dyed fabrics with really clean lines.  This is more sophisticated, doesn't look like your trying to recapture something from the 70's, and most importantly is more flattering when your metabolism slows.

Sticking to the lower half, it's time to get rid of the high school sneakers. Likely, you're no longer skateboarding behind the school bus anymore a la Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future. The chuck taylors, shell tops, and even the beloved Samba can begin to look like your trying to hold too long.  It's time to graduate, both for aesthetics and support. Look instead at a sneaker from Harry's of London, Andrea Zori, or Di Bianco. You'll find that not only do they pair beautifully with a nice Incotex or PT01 washed pants, but they are made much better, which means they are better for your body too.  You don't need all white New Balance to feel comfortable, that will make you look much older. You can always get a display shelf for your collection of Yeezy's!

Next, be wary of anything that looks like it's vintage revival, or marketed as a Dad's.  While 90's style accents are coming back, it's mostly for the runways and isn't a green light for you to wear your actual clothes from the 90's.  There are many many changes to differentiate what's fresh from what's old, and those double-breasted in the very back of your closet don't look like the instagram pictures from Pitti.

What you should be wearing:


Look for the shapes that flatter your body. Now, both due to trends and what you like to wear, you likely don't need as much shoulder in a jacket and you don't need a very trim or very wide pant. Look instead at our Lubium and Incotex collections for beautiful soft tailoring, washed fabrics, and a look that's put together but not stuffy. Don't be afraid to pair it back with a knit, we know how to make sure you won't look like Magnum P.I.!


The biggest category in almost every man's closet. The shirt now should be closer fitting (it actually makes you look thinner), have great details, and since you're not as likely to be wearing a tie, the shirt can be more playful. We are showing more knitwear than ever, with polos, t-shirts, and sweaters pairing with soft jackets, jeans, and chinos for sophisticated casual.


It's a big category, and a word that we all hear a lot about, but no one knows what it means! Don't make this look about an Adidas track suit or your old college sweater.  Athleisure is about soft knit fabrics, great color combinations, clean but not clingy fits, and small brand logos. Check out our Kjus and Tasc collections, pair them with an On or New Balance, and you'll see the difference.

Quality Versatiles:

Look for staple pieces that fit to your lifestyle such as a Waterville vest (not a Northface or Patagonia). The vest is a great sexy layering piece that adds a level of sophistication over a hoodie or sweater.

Finishing Touches:

Socks, shoes, and accessories can all be very expressive.  Whether you're going sneakers, loafers, or a casual lace-up look for rich subtle details like stitch contrast or suede to add some flair. Then add in colorful socks, bracelets, or sunglasses you can look fresh without looking like you're trying to hard.

Traveling In Style:

Most of our customers travel a lot for work so we suggest that they look for "split-able" suits such as the Belvest "suit in a box." These suits provide an unlined jacket that can be worn separately with a pair of your PT cotton pants or jeans, and the suit pants could be worn separately with a silk or linen tee shirt. This way when you are away on business and they get invited to that last minute social gathering, you are prepared for whatever the evening brings!

Lasting Impression:

Don't forget, it's time for a better fragrance too! Most of what you see called "Cologne" with a high alcohol content is too juvenile and won't last through the day. Those can go right with Drakkar Noir, and look for natural oils, and either citrus, wood, or oud accents depending on your mood!

I hope you'll find inspiration for your wardrobe, and come and see us with any questions.

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